Hello. It’s PAO.
Today is nikujaga made with a rice cooker!

The meat is soft and tender. Potatoes are not stirred, so they do not fall apart when cooked and are moist.

On busy days, the rice cooker is very useful! !

It’s a salty meat and potato with a refreshing but punchy punch.

Ingredients (for 2-3 people)

Sliced pork belly・・・200g
New potatoes・・・300g
New onion 1 piece
*Garlic, ginger: 1 clove each
*Chicken stock powder: 1 tsp
*Salt: 1/3 teaspoon
*Sake: 1 tablespoon

how to make

1.Cut the pork into 5 cm wide pieces.
Wash new potatoes well and cut into bite-size pieces.
Roughly chop the carrot, and cut the new onion into wedges.

2.Put new onions, new potatoes and carrots in a rice cooker.
Mix roughly. Add the pork and mix

3.Add * and use a paper towel with a hole in the center as a drop lid,
Switch on in white rice mode!

If you want more saltiness, season with salt and pepper.


Leave it alone in the rice cooker ♪ Salty meat and potatoes

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