Hello, this is PAO.
It is a pork booth recipe that is perfect for lunch boxes and snacks.
Instead of minced meat, you can squeeze and roll the pork koma, so it’s easy without kneading!

A popular Korean-style yangnyeon-dare, a pork loin dumpling that goes well with rice.
It is also recommended for lunch.

Ingredients (for 2-3 people)

Sliced pork・350g
Salt and pepper…a little
Sake 1 tbsp
Potato starch 2 tbsp
*Soy sauce, gochujang, sugar, mirin, vinegar・・・1 tbsp each
*Grated garlic・・・1/2 teaspoon
Roasted sesame 2 teaspoons
Salad oil 1 tbsp

how to make

1.Chop the pork chops into bite-sized pieces with kitchen scissors, and season with salt, pepper, and sake.

2.Take a bite-sized piece and hold it tightly with your hand. 15 to 16 can be made.

3.Sprinkle with potato starch, lightly sprinkle around and lightly adjust the shape.

4.Heat the salad oil in a frying pan and bake the 3 pork loin dumplings.
When it is lightly browned, turn it over, cover it with a lid, and steam-fry it.
Roll it around and add a brown color to the entire surface.

5.Add * and simmer all over, then add toasted sesame to complete! !


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Easy without kneading! Popular Korean flavor! Pork booth dumplings yangnyeom style♪