Hello! It’s PAO.

Today’s snack is crunchy and juicy chicken wings~♪
Crunchy clothes are addictive♪

Tatsuta-age of juicy and tender chicken wings.
It has a salty taste and garlic and ginger are effective, and it is a refreshing but punchy seasoning.

Ingredients (for 2-3 people)

Chicken wings・・・8 pieces
*Salt・・・1/2 teaspoon
*Garlic, ginger, 1 piece each (grated)
*Chicken stock powder・・・1 and 1/2 tsp
*Sake: 2 tablespoons

*Plenty of pepper
Potato Starch・・・3-4 tablespoons
Oil for frying…appropriate amount

how to make

1.Make holes in the chicken wings with a bamboo skewer to make it easier for the flavor to permeate.
Place in a plastic bag, add *, rub well, and leave for 30 minutes.

2.Wipe the chicken wings with a paper towel.
Put the potato starch and chicken wings in another plastic bag, add a little air, close the mouth, and shake to coat evenly with the flour.
shake off excess powder.

3.Put about 1 cm of oil in a pan and heat it to 170°C.
Add the chicken wings from 2, skin side down, and turn them over when they are browned.
Fried and grilled for about 7 minutes in total, and when it becomes crispy, it’s done!

Sprinkle shichimi (seven spices) or aonori (green seaweed) on top to give it a nice aroma.

When you take a bite, the meat is juicy in the crunchy batter! !
Freshly fried is the best.


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Crunchy and juicy ♪ Deep-fried chicken wings with salt! easy snacks