Hello,I’m PAO.
Korean-style simmered chicken and radish that melts in the rice cooker for 10 minutes.

Plenty of radishes♪
Put the ingredients in the rice cooker and leave it alone~
So easy!

Ingredients (for 3-4 people)

Chicken thigh・2 pieces
*Soy sauce, sake, mirin・・・2 tbsp each
*Sugar・・・1.5 tbsp
* Gochujang, sugar 1 tbsp each
*Garlic, ginger・・・1 piece each (grated)
*Water・・・1 cup

how to make

1.Cut the daikon radish into 1.5 cm thick pieces and peel off the skin. Cut into halves or quarters.

2.Cut the chicken into bite-sized pieces and rub in the ※ ingredients.

3.Add water and radish. Push in the radish so that it is submerged in the juice.

4.Make a hole in the center of the kitchen paper and use it as a lid.

Cook in the normal rice cooking mode of the rice cooker.
Complete when the switch is turned off! !

If you keep it warm for about 30 minutes, the radish will soak in the flavor.

If the rice cooker is out and the radish is still hard,
Heat again for about 10 minutes.


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5 minutes until you put it in the rice cooker! Sweet and spicy Korean-style chicken radish that melts meat: Pao’s easy home meal Powered by livedoor blog (blog.jp)