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Plenty of ginger suppresses the smell of saury, and the vinegar makes it refreshing♪

It’s easy because you put it in a pressure cooker and leave it alone.


Pacific saury… 3 tails
Burdock root・・・1
Lotus root 100g
Ginger 1 piece (shredded)
※Soup stock・・・200ml
※Soy sauce, sake, mirin, sugar 2 tbsp each

how to make

1.Peel the burdock with a peeler or scrape off the skin with the back of a knife.
Cut the thick part into 4-inch lengthwise quarters, and cut the thin part diagonally.

Cut the lotus root into thick slices.
Soak the burdock and lotus root in water.

2.Remove the head from the saury, cut into 4 equal parts, remove the internal organs and wash thoroughly.

3.Put ※ in the pressure cooker, add the saury and root vegetables, and scatter the shredded ginger.

Cover, apply pressure, and cook over medium heat.
Once pressure is applied, simmer over low heat for 20 minutes.

Saury is soft! !
Seasonal saury is delicious! !


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Lightly simmered saury and root vegetables