Hello! It’s PAO.
Stewed pork cubes left alone in a rice cooker.

Kakuni that is simmered for a long time.
Quickly fry both sides in a frying pan to remove excess oil,
After that, it’s easy to leave it in the rice cooker!

If you keep it warm until you eat it, it will become more creamy.
You can eat freshly made at any time.

Ingredients (for 4 people)

Pork belly block・・・800g
Green onion・・・1
◎Ginger, Garlic・・・1 piece each
◎ Water: 500-600ml

*Soy sauce, cane sugar, 4 tbsp each

*Mirin 2 tbsp

how to make

1.Cut the pork belly block into 2-3 cm wide pieces.

Fry until both sides are browned without adding oil to the frying pan.
Place on kitchen paper to remove excess oil.

2.Add 1 pork and ◎ to the rice cooker. Adjust the amount of water so that the meat does not stick out of the water.

Slice the garlic and ginger, and chop the spring onions.
Add green onions only.

Cut a large cross in the center of kitchen paper
Switch on the rice cooker in the rice cooking mode as a drop pig.

3.Remove a little of the oil from the surface with kitchen paper, and add the white part of the leek and *.

Place thethe kitchen paper with holes as drop lid , and switch on the rice cooker mode!

If you keep it warm until you eat it, it will be thicker.
It’s so soft that it falls apart when you try to pick it up with chopsticks!

Please gently transfer it to the plate with a ladle.

Put a small amount of the sauce in the rice cooker into a small pot and boil it down until it thickens.
It’s delicious with the taste of kakuni in the vessel.

A soft-boiled egg marinated in soy sauce is delicious as an accompaniment.
Even if you cut a soft-boiled egg as it is and eat it with kakuni sauce
Tasty enough! !

*Some rice cookers can only use rice, so please check your rice cooker.


Source: Pao’s simple home meal Powered by livedoor blog (blog.jp)
Ditching in a rice cooker ♪ Stewed pork cubes: Pao’s easy home meal Powered by livedoor blog (blog.jp)