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A healthy and refreshing chicken breast dish that you can make ahead of time!Everything is microwaved ♪ It’s easy without using fire.

Chicken breast, which tends to be dry, becomes moist and chewy in the microwave! Prepared eggplant will have a nice color.

Just heat it up in the microwave and soak it in the sauce.
It’s an easy dish to make.


Chicken breast…1 piece
Salt and pepper…a little
Sake…1 tbsp
potato starch… 1 teaspoon
Eggplant…2 pieces
green pepper 3 pieces
※Soup stock・・・250ml
※Soy sauce・・・3 tbsp
※Mirin …2 tbsp
※Sugar…1 tbsp
※Grated ginger … a little
Sesame oil…a little

how to make

1.Open the chicken breast into a double door, wrap it in plastic wrap and beat it with a rolling pin to flatten it out.

2.Cut in half horizontally and cut into sticks about 1 cm wide.

3.Put 2 in a heat-resistant container and rub in salt, pepper, sake, and potato starch.

4.Cover with plastic wrap, heat in a 600W microwave oven for 2 minutes and 30 seconds, and mix. Cover again and heat for 1 minute

  • If the inside is still red, please add about 20 seconds at a time.

5.Apply a thin layer of sesame oil around the eggplant skin, wrap each eggplant in plastic wrap and place on a heat-resistant plate.
Heat at 600W for 2-3 minutes, then cut into 4-6 pieces when soft.
*Adjust the heating time according to the size of the eggplant.

6.Cut the green peppers into chunks, put them in a heat-resistant container, cover with plastic wrap and heat in a 600W microwave oven for 1 minute.

Mix the ※ ingredients and heat in a 600W microwave for 1 minute.
Finished with chicken, eggplant and green pepper.

Let it marinate for about an hour and the flavors will meld.
If you marinate it overnight, the flavor will intensify. Also recommended for making ahead.

The eggplants are coated with sesame oil and heated to give them a vivid color. If you like, you can sprinkle shichimi chili peppers on top to make it tangy and delicious.


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