Hello! ! It’s PAO.

Plump shrimp and thick tofu are a perfect match! !
The shrimp is boiled in salt water without being grilled, and put back in at the end, so it’s plump and soft without being overcooked.

Ingredients (for 2-3 people)

Peeled shrimp・・・250g
Potato starch … 1 tsp
Firm tofu・・・150g
Green onion・・・2/3
Garlic, ginger, 1 each
Sesame oil 1 tablespoon
Soybean paste・・・1/2 to 1 tbsp
*Ketchup 3 tbsp
*Sake and sugar: 1 tbsp each
*Chicken stock powder: 1 tsp

*Soy sauce 1/2 teaspoon
Vinegar … 1 teaspoon
Potato starch dissolved in water・・・Appropriate amount
Coarsely ground black pepper, a little

how to make

1.Remove the peeled shrimp if it has back veins. Add a little potato strarch (not listed) and rub to remove dirt.

Drain the water and rub in 1 teaspoon of potato starch.

2.Chop green onions, garlic and ginger.
Heat sesame oil in a frying pan, add garlic and ginger, stir-fry over low heat, and when fragrant, add green onions and stir-fry.

3.Add chili bean paste and stir-fry until fragrant, then add * and heat.

4.Boil the shrimp from step 1 in salt.
Wipe off the moisture with kitchen paper.

5.Add the shrimp from 4 to 3, and add the tofu cut into 1.5cm pieces.
Once the tofu has warmed up, add vinegar and water-soluble potato starch to thicken it and you’re done! !

◎ Add the water-soluble potato starch little by little while watching the situation.

Arrange gently so that the tofu does not fall apart.
It’s delicious with a sprinkle of coarsely ground black pepper.

The seasoning is quite spicy, so please adjust the amount of chili bean sauce.


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