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Rice cooked with a whole new onion and sausage♪
Cooking time is 5 minutes until ingredients are put in the rice cooker!
The sweet and sourness of the mini tomatoes and the richness of the finishing butter are delicious.

Ingredients (for 3-4 people)

New onion 1 piece
rice 2 cups
sausage 3
mini tomato 8 pieces
Consomme granules 1 tbsp
Salt and pepper…a little

how to make

1.Grind the rice and set the water level to slightly less than 2 cups.
Add consomme granules and mix.

2.Cut off the top and bottom of the new onion, make a cut about 2/3 deep and put it in the center of 1.

Put the cherry tomatoes around and add the sausage in round slices.
Add salt and pepper and switch on in normal cooking mode.

3.When the switch is off, scatter the butter cut into 1cm squares.

Break up the new onions and gently mix them together! !
If you don’t have enough salt, add salt and pepper to taste.

It’s OK to use bacon instead of sausage.
Adding a whole onion makes it super juicy! !

© Pao

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5 minutes cooking time! Whole new onion and sausage cooked rice ♪: Pao’s easy home rice Powered by livedoor blog (blog.jp)