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Soft chicken breast ♪ sweet chili mayonnaise chicken ♪

Easy with a frying pan! Chicken breast coated with potato starch is soft and chewy♪
Ethnic flavor with sweet chili sauce and fish sauce♪
The sweet and spicy sweet chili sauce is easy to use as it requires less seasoning and is delicious.

Ingredients (for 2 people)

Chicken breast・1 piece
◎ salt and pepper
◎ Sake: 1 tablespoon
Potato Starch: 3-4 tbsp
*Sweet chili sauce・・・2 tbsp
*Nampula, sake・・・1 tbsp each

*Lemon juice 1.5 tsp
Mayonnaise 1 tablespoon
Salad oil 1 tbsp

how to make

1.Skin chicken breast and cut into 3 pieces.

2.Scrape to cut off the fibers. Rub in the ◎.

Add potato starch and breast meat to another bag, close the bag, and shake to lightly dust with flour.

3.Heat salad oil in a frying pan and fry the chicken from Step 2. When the whole turns white, turn it over.

4.When both sides are browned and browned, add the ingredients* that you mixed together and mix quickly.

Add mayonnaise to finish, mix quickly, sprinkle with pepper, and you’re done!

If you like a strong seasoning, add sweet chili sauce to finish as you like.
The finishing mayonnaise makes it mild and rich!


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Soft chicken breast ♪ Easy sweet chili mayonnaise chicken!