Hello! It’s PAO.
Today, I put the meat and spring vegetables in the rice cooker and switched it on♪

A chicken dish that allows you to enjoy tender meat and side vegetables all at once!
5 minutes until you put it in the rice cooker!

Ingredients (for 2-3 people)

Chicken thigh・2 pieces
Garlic・・・1 clove (grated)
Salt and pepper…a little
★ Soy sauce, sake… 2 tbsp each
★Sugar, Mirin・・・1 tbsp each
2 new potatoes
New onion 2 pieces

how to make

1.Wash the new potatoes and cut them into 1.5cm round slices.
Cut the new onion in half lengthwise leaving the core.

2.Cut off the sinews of the chicken thighs, place them in a rice cooker, and rub in the salt, pepper, and garlic.
Add ★.

3.Arrange the new potatoes on top of 2 and add the new onions with the cross section facing down.

4.Cook in the normal rice cooking mode of the rice cooker. Complete when the switch is turned off.

If you don’t want to eat it right away, keep it warm so the meat will be softer and softer!

If it takes a long time, take out the new potatoes and new onions.

If you use a rice cooker, it will not fall apart.
Even if it is soft, onions and potatoes can keep their shape.

The moistness of the new potatoes is addictive.


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Meat and garnished vegetables can be done together! Boiled chicken sweet and spicy with new potatoes and new onions in a rice cooker: Pao’s easy home rice Powered by livedoor blog (blog.jp)