Hello! It’s PAO.
Leave it alone in the rice cooker♪ Melty black tea pig♪

Pork block meat is simmering and soft!
It’s easy because it’s just boiled in black tea and soaked overnight in a refreshing vinegar sauce.

The fat is dropped into the broth and then soaked in the refreshing sauce, so the pork chunks are not greasy and can be eaten lightly.
The tannins from the black tea and the vinegar make the meat tender!


Pork shoulder loin block・・・600g
Black tea tea bag・・・2 pieces
*Soy sauce, vinegar, mirin・・・100ml each
*Sugar・・・1 tbsp

how to make

1.Tie the pork block meat with octopus string and shape it.

Put the meat in a rice cooker and add enough water to cover it.
Add tea packs and switch on the rice cooker in rice cooking mode! !

◎This time, I added 5 cups of water because the meat was a big chunk.
◎Remove the paper attached to the tip of the tea bag.

2.Once finished, turn off the switch and turn it on again in the rice cooking mode!

Cooking twice will make the meat tender.
If possible, if you keep it warm for about 2 more hours, it will be more creamy.

3.Boil * in a small pot and put it in a storage bag together with the meat from step 2.
Cover the meat completely and marinate in the refrigerator overnight.

Do you pickle soft-boiled eggs together,
It’s delicious if you pickle it separately with half the amount of the meat sauce.

After slicing, cover with plastic wrap and heat in the microwave.
The hardened fat of the meat melts, making it juicy and tender♪

If you heat it up, it will be too thick to cut.
Take it out of the fridge and slice it immediately before warming it up.


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