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Simple spring rolls with raw corn and uncured ham.
Scrape off the kernels of the corn and wrap it in the spring roll wrappers together with the uncured ham. It’s easy because you just bake it in a frying pan with a little more oil without frying!

Corn spring rolls that don’t need any seasoning, and the saltiness of uncured ham adds a nice accent! !

Ingredients (for 6-7 sticks)

Spring roll skin・・・6-7 pieces
Uncured ham・・・6-7 pieces
Salad oil 4 tbsp
Wheat flour dissolved in water・・・Appropriate amount

how to make

1, Cut the corn in half lengthwise and scrape off the fruit.

2, Place dry-cured ham on the skin of the spring roll, and put plenty of corn on top.

3, Fold from the front, and close the end of the roll with water-soluble potato starch.

4, Heat the salad oil and fry the spring rolls. About 6 minutes in 170°C oil.

It’s ok if it’s crispy and browned.

◎ If you bake half the amount at a time, add more oil when it gets low.

The sweetness of the corn and the saltiness and umami of the uncured ham are added to make it delicious! !
You can also add cheese if you like.


Pao’s simple home meal Powered by livedoor blog (blog.jp)

No seasoning required! Simple raw corn and raw ham spring rolls without frying: Pao’s easy home meal Powered by livedoor blog (blog.jp)