Hello! ! I’m Pao.
It’s meat fatty spare ribs left alone in a rice cooker! !
It’s so soft that if you hold the bone in your hand, the meat will fall off! !]

Add the seasoning to the rice cooker and turn it on! !
Once done, keep warm until just before serving.


Spare ribs: about 600-700g
Salt and pepper…a little
*Ketchup, soy sauce, sake, mirin, sugar: 2 tbsp each

※Worcestershire sauce 1 tbsp
※ Garlic・・・1 clove (grated)
Salad oil 2 tsp

how to make

1.Make a cut between the bone and the meat of the spareribs.
Easier to eat. Sprinkle with salt and pepper.

2.Add * to the rice cooker and mix.

3.Heat salad oil in a frying pan and bake the spare ribs from 1 until both sides are browned.

4.Put the grilled spare ribs into the rice cooker of 2.

If the meat doesn’t all fit in the sauce, leave the bones out.

5.Press the rice cooking mode on the rice cooker.

When the switch is turned off, turn it off once and cook it again in the rice cooking mode.

If the meat is exposed, dip it in the sauce.

When the switch is turned off, you are done.
If you keep it warm until you eat it, it will be more mushy.

When eating the next day, put the sauce in a storage container and store it in the refrigerator.
When you eat it, if you warm it up in the microwave and eat it, it will be a simmering revival! !

Some rice cookers cannot cook anything other than rice, so please check.


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